School events: Activity kit and materials

Materials related to activities with EUROSENSOR, EUROMOTION  and THE MACHINE


Digital sensors are produced by CMA ( ).CMA has won the Didacta prize in 2010 and is known worldwide for its forerunner ideas and position on integrating digital means in science education. The Eurosensor is a device that measures three quantities: light, sound and temperature. These quantities give rise to a lot of possible inquiries by the researchers, even the youngest ones (age 8 and 11).


This sensor needs to be connected to a computer or laptop. Once the software is installed, the computer recognizes the sensor automatically and starts up the software. This free software is available on the website of CMA. One can also find video tutorials and manuals for the use of this software there.

After starting up, an ACTIVITY is chosen, so that the learner can start his guided "research". A screenshot of a typical activity looks like 

In order to write down observations and measurements, the learners needs WORKSHEETS, which are provided here:
Activities and worksheets on LIGHT: download:  Eng
Activities and worksheets on SOUND: download: Eng
Activities and worksheets on HEAT and TEMPERATURE: download Eng 
Apart from that, a learner can also orginise his own lab: download here.


Another sensor provided by CMA, also to be used with pc or laptop. SECURE's local partners decided which of the kits were chosen to offer to the schools/classes. This sensor mostly was chosen for the older learners (13 year). 

For this position and motion sensor 11 activities are worked out, which, along with a tutorial for learners are downloadable here.

To have an idea on what is can be done in a class room, a slide show is available. A film taken in the framework of the Fibonacci project however can inspire teachers.

The Machine

The origin of the idea of making this tool is the site Going through this French site it becomes clear that the tool has many possibilities. However, most important is to let the 5 year old learners explore the machine and what one can do with it, themselves. The suggested activities only serve for the teachers as inspiration for  use in the class room.

Wim Peeters demonstrating THE MACHINE during the national conference in Mechelen (October 23rd, 2013).

Further on, to illustrate what is possible in reality, there are several videos on YouTube: on the construction, use as a balance and use with an inclined plane

Materials on The Machine to inspire the teachers: download: Eng

More information on good practices is available on our science activities page.