School events: examples

Science events and SECURE

SECURE asked all schools to do something in relation to science education. A lot of suggestions were made, and below some nice examples of activities illustrate how this can lead to fruitful dissemination, always in cooperation with local SECURE partners. 

In Belgium the general public could get an impression of  two events on the local, regional television RTV. This stands for approximately 200000 watchers. The happenings were organised in Vorselaar and Lier by Thomas More Kempen (BE, coordinator of SECURE). Some more filmed activities in kindergarten, using The Machine are on YouTube: 1, 2, 3, 4. (DKO vzw, BE)
Examples of learners using the activity kit:

Girls (11 year olds)  measuring the intensity of light and body temperature (8 year old)

Two boys (11 year old) measure the intensity of sound when the radio is packed in a towel, compared to in a plastic bag. 

In Cyprus teachers were invited to get a training in using the materials provided by SECURE (University of Cyprus, CY):

Teachers using the Eurosensor in an activity about sound, and other that explore the possibilities of The Machine (inclined plane and balance)