School events: goals


SECURE established a good partnership with hundreds of schools, so SECURE as a project wants to show to the (participating) schools that science and actively learning science can be done in a very motivating way. Hands-on and minds-on activities, leading to inquiry based learning can be initiated if the materials are present. Far from providing learning materials as a goal as such, SECURE wanted to give rather an indication of what is possible. For this purpose they are donated a science activity kit and learn about examples of good practice. 
The very new high leveled materials were provided by PONTOn vzw ( which on his turn, selected CMA (Amsterdam) to deliver them. The sensors are cutting edge and tested in previous EU projects Pollen and Fibonacci.
"The Machine” is typically made for very young learners, giving them puzzling instruments to awaken curiosity and to let them handle the tool in a creative and useful way. How much help is given by the teacher to the learners can vary a lot, depending on the goals the teachers has.  As a start up, PONTOn vzw provides some worksheets and also video’s. 
Description of the kits, the activities that can be carried out, as well as worksheets and support for teachers can be found here.